These are the jottings of a Taurean optimist. I’ve enjoyed my life so far, and since I was born in 1936, I’ve been around for quite a while. I’ve learned plenty, but remain on a steep learning curve. Well, if I don’t stay on it, I might fall off, and who knows where that might lead?

Deciding to get started on this website has been more like vertical take-off, but not of the astronaut variety. I’ve always loved reading and writing. Writing has been my passion since penning my first letter to my father sometime during World War II. My father was so proud he carried the letter in his wallet for the rest of his life; I found it there after his death. He was eighty-five, and the paper was fragile, but it remains a precious memento of a special parent.

Every evening before bed-time, my father read to me. The readings  are inexorably tied in with the smell of his waistcoat. From my mother I learned to love poetry. She used to make me learn yards of it by heart, and then stand and recite it in front of her. Perhaps that’s where I learned to love talking to audiences.

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  1. Judy Smith says:

    So lovely … in every way.

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  2. I loved when letters came through post! there was something special about them.


  3. That was so endearing Maureen. I’m a mother and sometimes it’s the little things that children remember, and usually something that, as a parent, had no idea the impression we make. Sounds like your father made that kind of impression on you. That is amazing. My children (29 and 31 now) always remember our dance contests we held in our kitchen, I hope that doesn’t mean my daughter doesn’t want to be a dancer. :) j/k She is a pharmacutical rep. Where is spell check when you need it :)


    • Funny what tricks memory can play.

      I always remember my daughter aged three, she has since added almost another fifty since, peeking out through the flap of her tent on one of our camping trips. The endearing picture persists in my memory – even to the clothes she was wearing.

      A minute doll-like creature of quicksilver who matured into a feisty strong-minded young woman, utterly fearless in defending anything or anyone – especially the underdog – human or canine.


  4. That rang so many bells for me! I recently found a little box marked ‘Precious things’ that was my Mum’s. One of the things in it was a letter I had written to my Daddy when I was about 6 and he was living away. Isn’t it lovely to think that our daddies loved us so much they kept these precious little letters. My dad told or read us stories each night too. Loved this post! :)


  5. I framed the pictures my children and later, those my grandchildren drew and painted so they still hang on my walls. In terms of money, the frames might win, but in my treasury the pictures are priceless.


  6. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear Maureen, I have seen your comments on VU. Please look at a real Victim Family.
    If you wish. Google:– Walsall ss-forced adoption
    Read my comments. Why do they not answer. Make a comment of your own.


    • Hello Phil,
      I’ve left a message for you on the website you mention. I do so empathise with you and all those who have suffered from the injustice of the secret family- courts in Britain. It is a disgrace that such things are allowed to happen in what we euphemistically call – a democracy.


  7. Phil Thompson says:

    May I please make you cry. Cry for all the abused Families who have been ill treated in our ENGLAND. Yet this was done by another Government who finally WOKE UP.


  8. This was one world leader who had the courage to acknowledge the evil done; there are still too many, including our own here in UK, who refuse to accept that great wrongs have been done and there is an obligation upon them all to make amends. An acknowledgement is the first step, but nothing can assuage the hurt, the pain, the stress, the torture suffered by the victims.

    There was great jubilation at the sixtieth anniversary of HMQEII’s accession in 2012, and now in 2013, her coronation, but I can share none of this euphoria for I believe she has failed to protect the weakest and most vulnerable of her people, and while she remains in blissful ignorance of their plight, she will be for me – a mere puppet dancing to the tune of her puppet-masters – the political leaders of whichever government is in power.


  9. Phil Thompson says:

    Dear Maureen Jenner. Thank you. may I please ask you to also ask you to view on Youtube:– Christopher Booker- Stop Forced Adoption Conference.
    Then again my I ask you to post this very moving speech on Youtube:– Denise Robertson-Stop Forced Adoption Conference


  10. babso2you says:

    Lovely post! Thank you for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you will enjoy my posts! – B


  11. helen1950 says:

    I feel like we are friends already! more so with Tony Benn in common!


  12. Donna says:

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  13. i’m able to find many great answers basically have difficulty!


  14. I think you are way too modest about your skills, this website is phenomenal :D . There are some things which I do fear are dying out, I think letter writing has been on a decline for a while but even books seem to be out of style these days.

    Also thank you for stopping by. It was always wonderful to hear from you.


  15. Colline says:

    How special it is to know that your father kept your words close to his heart for many years. You must have had a special place in his heart.


  16. Indira says:

    Lovely post and you seem to be a lovely person. I would have liked to read that letter .


  17. Harbans says:

    Attractive post.


  18. Lady, in passing I noted your loss of faith in our SYSTEM. I do not agree. Let me explain. We live in England. I am sure that each of us by OUR WILL has the right to free speech. Although I agree with you about my previous ASSUMPTION of your loss of faith., I have this ANCIENT(imprinted)sense of loyalty to HM. I would like you to know that ONLY because of your comments. YOU are LISTENED to. Perhaps this is a START for others ?.


    • Let me say that my faith in my country remains, but my blind allegiance to its systems has been shaken.

      One must be allowed to love one’s country – warts and all – and in a free society, feel free to voice an opinion about that with which one does not agree, as long as that does not involve incitement to violence. I may not agree with you, or indeed with many others, but I would defend your right to say what you think.

      Like many other travellers, i decided to return to this particular piece of the planet to end my days, but like many of them, I too find myself struggling to equate the land in which I was born with the land in which I now live.

      Certainly there is as great a divide between Mr & Mrs Everyman and the rich and powerful as ever there was, but I no longer have any misconceptions about, for example, the law and justice; the two are no longer synonymous in my thinking. I have witnessed too many cases of gross injustice where the law has been applied – and found to be blind to justice.

      This is where I find the powerful wanting – or lacking. Wanting in common humanity and lacking moral courage. They make grandiose gestures and speeches that all amount to the same bag of hot air in the end.


  19. Your first paragraph says it ALL. The very best wishes to you.


  20. Hi Maureen, I just wanted to stop by and say hi as well as to thank you for keeping an eye on my blog. Best, Nora :)


  21. Dear Maureen. Its Old Phil. If allowed by protocol may I ask you to allow this Video from some time ago. I speak for myself and ask that I be listened to at about the last 5 minutes. Looking back please know that I made NO PLAN to speak. All I wanted was to show my little poster. If you have seen the BBC 1 Broadcast you will see a lady just took me forward and I spoke. She also speaks on the BBC Programme. Sophie.
    Google:– Vicky haig and others speak truth to power.
    If you wish, you could allow my Website to be seen. philthompsonfamily.wordpress.com
    I STATE that I have more information. No one else has the ability to produce such evidence that I have hidden in different places. Such is my TRUST.
    Even to this day WALSALL MBC will NOT answer any of my letters to them and informing them of the CORRUPTION which permitted them to cause the adoption of three blonde, blue eyed infants.
    Google:– Walsall ss-forced adoption
    Read my comments. Walsall MBC KNOW of them yet REFUSE to reply.


  22. “My father was so proud he carried the letter in his wallet for the rest of his life.” You have a gift with words that move people my friend. A joy and honor to know you through your blog.


  23. Likewise you, and your blog. There is great comfort in knowing there’s always someone passing by, even though we may never meet in the flesh, a meeting of minds is no small thing. All the best.


  24. Harbans says:

    What a present to have given to your father! This goes to show that we all are due to our parents and they feel proud of our achievements and when we do not measure upto their expectations they feel let down.


  25. oneanna65 says:

    You are great. Keep blogging. God Bless. <3 .


  26. gaps2fill says:

    Maureen, I found you from a comment you made that hit me close about never being able to replace the love of your life. Nice to meet you, and I look forward to reading more.


  27. oneanna65 says:

    Thanks! Same to you. <3 .


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