With events of real significance in the news, and I’m not thinking about ‘The Games’ or ‘The Jubilee’, I wonder why our politicians are wasting valuable time, money and energy making such a fuss about who said what, and when they said it, at such a critical time for the nation.  Surely the well-being of the people of Britain is of more importance than the face saving contortions of a group of power-hungry moguls.

What’s been done is over, finished.  It’s to be hoped such incidents will not be repeated.  Certainly, much that many would have preferred concealed has been revealed.  In some cases, we’ve had the truth; in others, the tawdry details that might have been better consigned to oblivion.

This coalition government is threatening all of us with a future in which they and their cohorts will have the right to access our private internet communications and telephone conversations.  I suspect this will be a one way system; those individuals clever enough to hack into state secrets will still be treated as criminals, even though their expertise could be utilized for good.

Criminality, whether perpetrated by the state or private individuals – is still criminality, though it may be given the guise of respectability by receiving government approval and the Queen’s signature.

I can’t help thinking that many items aired and put in the public domain would never have got there but for the Freedom of Information Act which rather bit the hands of those who launched it – otherwise we’d never have known about those ill-gotten MPs expenses.

Instances of local authority eavesdropping on private individuals have been documented in several blogs here in Wales.  Some local authorities have also instigated legal proceedings against private individuals who have dared to criticise them in public through their blogs.

One well known blogger, winner of an award last year, has been forced to shut down having become too scared to continue after receiving veiled threats and mysterious phone calls in the early hours of the morning.

We’ve come a long way from the signing of Magna Carta and its implementation. Many laughed at the idea of Orwell’s 1984  ever becoming a reality, but he must be having a good laugh at seeing his satire come to life under a Conservative/Liberal coalition government at Westminster, and in Wales at Cardiff Bay.  What a joke!

2 comments on “Musings

  1. gpcox says:

    Have things improved since you first wrote this? (Oops, got ahead of myself – very nice to meet you)


  2. Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

    No, not from where I’m sitting. I have to confess that as I get older, I become more intolerant of politicians and bureaucratic civil servants who keep telling me what to do, but consistently fail to practise what they preach while continuing to spend taxpayers’ money with impunity.


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