The Older People’s Commission in Wales

I recently had cause to write to the office of the Older People’s Commissioner in Cardiff.  It was, out of courtesy, that I was simply copying the office in to the correspondence I was sending to the MP of a lady in Newbridge-on-Wye in Breconshire who has been experiencing considerable distress for many years.

The MP’s PA telephoned me and confirmed what I have long thought, voting for politicians is a waste of time.  They appear to be quite unable to do anything to help the most vulnerable of their constituents, despite all the extravagant promises made when seeking election.

The office of the commissioner had already received papers giving details of the circumstances surrounding the matter more than two years ago, and had stated that they could not get involved. Not surprising, since I know of no one who has had their case resolved, or even looked at in detail by the former commissioner or any of her officers, so, despite their plea of recent office disruption, I suspect there will be little change in attitudes.

In this instance it would have been more helpful if the person who labelled himself, Case Investigation Officer, had taken the time to read my letter because if he had, he could have saved himself and the taxpayers who foot the bills for this department, the time, paper and postage of two unnecessary letters.

As for the lady concerned, she has decided to leave the area; after twenty years of fruitless struggling against injustice and corruption she has packed up and left. It is to be hoped that she, already suffering from chronic ill-health, will be allowed to spend what remains of her life, in some kind of peace.

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