The Olympic Torch in Kidwelly

Sunshine and a good sprinkling of people, gathered in knots along the length of the route, greeted the Olympic Torch carried into Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire by a member of the local netball team at around 11.30 on Sunday 27th May.

The white clad runner came at the end of a cavalcade that included sponsored coaches, cheer-leaders attempting to perform their routine on a moving stage, an announcer with a microphone, and police outriders.

There were so many police motorcyclists, we could have been forgiven for thinking they must have sent the whole London Metropolitan Police Team. In general, the police presence was so prolific, someone commented that the over-time bill would take care of any hope of a surplus local authority’s tax-payers might have hoped for as well as deterred any possible chance of some idiot trying to gain notoriety by attempting some publicity stunt.

Managed some good photographs too.

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