Musings & Jottings

I’m glad I decided to walk this morning at six, rather than wait until this evening; the air was soft, and clear of all exhaust fumes. The smell of cut grass and wild mint made a pleasant change from diesal and petrol.

The evenings have been particularly noxious of late; farmers have been trying to make up for time lost during the recent adverse weathe, which they feared might wipe out much of their silage and hay crops.

Met a rabbit; its lolloping came to an abrupt halt when it saw me; as such, they’re a rarity now in this part of the country, so I was as surprised to see it, as it was me.   Flocks of seagulls, flying up from the estuary, their wing beats audible before they launched themselves over the hedges, swooped into the fields to  forage on whatever it is they feast on after the silage harvest.

The hype and blurb continue about the London Olympiad; even Radio 3 has been infected, but the Proms have been great, so they’re forgiven.  The Beethoven Symphonies have been a particular joy, and I’m looking forward to the Ninth on Friday night.

It looks as though Centrica, the owners of British Gas, are set to increase prices, even though they are making around £1½m a day profit.  There’s much to be said for controlling the prices of such essential services. We have seen the cost of these increase so much, they threaten to pauperise us.

As for George Osborne,  I think he is a product of the modern political scenario – too much ambition; too little experience; crammed into one too  young.  It’s time we had more adults  at Westminster; people who can justify their position by saying, ‘Been there; done that,’ and know they really have.

4 comments on “Musings & Jottings

  1. morning walks are more refreshing than evening walks i guess.


  2. It so depends on the weather here in Wales, but yes, generally the air is better in the early morning, especially if it is before the farmers start hurtling along the lanes in their tractors. The modern brutes are so noisy, and so very fast. .


  3. Sorry about that; we live in worlds apart, but can share words through the internet. I wish you a really good day. Thank you for getting in touch.


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