Earth Day – Sing for the Trees

Got this in my post-box; definitely one to send on to as many as possible.

Woodland Matters

Our latest guest blog comes from the lady that is inspiring thousands of people across the world to unite their voices in song for the trees that bring so much life to our world. Susan Hale tells you how to get involved in this simple act of thanks, as part of the Earth Day activities on April 22…

“All across the world people are singing again as a way to use their voices to recharge the earth. People are singing to create awareness and galvanize action. The Civil Rights Movement is a historical example of the power of song to create change. Singing is part of the joy of being human, of connecting us with ancient traditions and reminding us that we all are part of the chorus of life.

People sing for many reasons. Our ancestors sang for the earth. For the Aborigines of Australia the Earth is…

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2 comments on “Earth Day – Sing for the Trees

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  2. we all should join her! thanks for sharing Maureen! trees give us so much, if we feel that we will never let a single one get axed.


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