Three Cheers

Well, what do you know? Grey is gorgeous, and great for box-office returns. Well, that’s the way things look to me, and judging from some publications, not to mention the Olivier Awards last night, the over-fifties have won top places for superb performances in an increasing number of films that do not require bulging boobs, the frenzied frolicking of lusting flesh, nor all-devouring kisses that are routine in most of today’s films, but must be pure hell if you’re partnered with someone who has BO or suffers from halitosis!


Judi Dench at the BAFTAs at the Royal Opera Ho...




It’s become traditional to see the stars at such events as the Olivier Awards. Indeed, three such are Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, and Helen Mirren who are regularly awarded their well-deserved trophies, then deliver dignified speeches, minus the weeping and simpering of the less experienced, before returning to their seats amid thunderous applause from fellow thespians, each of whom must be conscious of the changing attitudes towards ageism. Now thankfully moving far away  from the days when most women actors would have been considered over-the-hill at forty  and useful perhaps for the odd cameo role on stage or screen. Although older men fared better and could still pick up supporting roles requiring grey-haired maturity where the odd wrinkle didn’t matter too much, star parts were few and far between. 

Derek Jacobi signing autographs

Derek Jacobi signing autographs (Photo credit: felibrilu)



Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon with brilliant fellow stars like Sophia Loren, gave us laughs a plenty in Grumpy Old Men. I never tire of watching such films. Indeed, my grandson, in his mid-twenties often asks to watch such golden oldies as Dad’s Army and Last of the Summer Wine whenever he comes to stay for a couple of nights. Among the most recent DVDs I acquired was The Exotic Marigold Hotel, and I’m looking forward to Quartet, when I get the DVD. I won’t miss Vicious tonight with Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi. I’m sure there are others who think, as I do when watching these brilliant people acting roles they make so realistic, it’s like being allowed to watch through a magic mirror, enchanting people behaving outrageously while doing what they want, even if it’s unconventional, and loving every moment.


I hope more such productions will be undertaken in the future so we can treasure and archive the unique talents of these brilliant people for years to come. So many who are  handsome or beautiful become obsessed with preserving their good looks in aspic through the surgeon’s knife, or botox; afraid to believe the years really do sit more kindly upon the shoulders of those who allow the odd laughter line, as well as those of life’s experiences, to trace their ways across faces topped by silvering hair, rather than that subjected to the harsh psychedelic contents of a bottle.

That said, I’m all in favour of living out my last act as disgracefully as time will allow. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to plunge into bed with anything more exciting than my hot water bottle or electric blanket, but I’m not going to listen to all that straight-laced-thou-shalt-not brigade. I enjoy my wine and my cognac too much. Cigarettes were consigned to the past many years ago, before they were ever more than a social accessory to give me something to do with my hands. Marriage and motherhood took care of that more than fifty years ago. No, I can say what I mean, and mean what I say, without fear or favour; enjoy my own company as well as that of family and friends, although, like everyone else, the numbers are dwindling, but there’s a great life to be lived in spite of the wrinkles.

Chinese Shar Pei Dog Cure for Wrinkles (No Bot...

Chinese Shar Pei Dog Cure for Wrinkles (No Botox) is Getting Wet, Luna & Boxer Puppy Friend (Photo credit: Beverly & Pack)


7 comments on “Three Cheers

  1. natswans says:

    I agree completely I just love The great talent’s of Judi Dench Helen Mirren the list is endless. Botox well they do start very young also , which is shocking.!
    Love the Dogs picture …Grow old gracefully that what’s I say to.
    Best Wishes Sheila 🙂


    • Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment. I suppose it must be difficult for those with handsome or beautiful faces to contemplate advancing years but in all truth, age does have some compensations – no more wondering ‘What am I going to be?’ since the decision has been made, but still time to enjoy the twilight years in swashbuckling style – if you have the inclination.


  2. a special beauty seeps in with maturity of age.


  3. Well, the finest wines and the best cheeses require maturity to develop so why should we humans be any different? Mind you, I wish my joints didn’t creak so much when I need to bend them in the garden.


  4. every good thing has its taxes 🙂
    why wont age have them too?


    • Now I’m not sure about taxes; truth is I begrudge paying taxes when those in government waste so much of my cash, and though I begrudge the minuses of old age, I recently had such a wonderful time on my seventy-seventh birthday I’m forced to admit age also has its pluses.,


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