WHAT WOULD I DO if my Children were Taken Away by ‘Social’ Services?

How many children must be sacrificed? And how many parents made to suffer the torments of the damned before justice is done, and seen to be done, for these families?

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

Last night I spoke with a mother whose 6-year old boy had been taken – once again on the flimsiest of pretexts and the most pathetic of all ways of assuming and abusing power over parents.

First, I would check Committal to Prison – Kellie Cottam for emotional empowerment and inspiration. That’s where I found this telling picture.

I was reminded of these official statistics:

  • 75% (50,260) of children looked after on 31st March 2012 were living with foster carers – as they make £400/week…
  • 9% (5,930) were living in secure units, children’s homes or hostels
  • 5% (3,600) were living with their parents
  • 4% (2,680) were placed for adoption – so few in comparison with the 75%!!!
  • 3% (2,340) were with another placement in the community
  • 3% (1,980) were placed in residential schools or other residential settings.

I was also wondering what on earth makes them continue, even though “

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