How many Frenchmen can you get inside a hollow ancient tree?

One man and fourteen of his friends can seek shelter in a hollow tree. Howzat?

Woodland Matters

Through the natural aging process ancient deciduous trees become hollow. Hollowing in the trunk usually starts when the tree is mature and only affects the heartwood or dead wood in the centre of the tree. Once it starts the process is progressive and the more ancient the tree, the more likely that only a living shell of sapwood is left and the entire centre of the tree has decayed away. Standing, living, hollow trees like this are one of the rarest habitats in the world and are keystone features for biodiversity – for further information see Ancient Tree Guide no 6: The wildlife of trees

As part of a French workshop run by Atelier de l’arbre on the management of ancient trees, the course participants were taken to see the ancient oak in the farmyard of the Mazevet family in Côtes d’Armor. It is just one of a number of

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