Well, What Do You Know?

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the ...

BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place at the head of Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Have you ever encountered one of those vans BBC that television advertisements used to warn us about if we were one of those parasitic nasties who dodged paying the annual television licence? It seems they were all about dressing up, and pretending to be sharks trying to bully sardines. I speak with feeling in retrospect, because I have reached that venerable cut-off point whereby I don’t have to pay to keep all those BBC big wigs in a manner to which they have become all too well accustomed.


The information about the hoax was gleaned from The Oldie; a magazine I have only recently started subscribing to, but already it is proving to be an irresistible monthly addition to my reading matter.


It seems those vans were a big con to make us pay for what, in recent years, can best be described as ‘poor value for money’ as far as television is concerned, though quite another matter when it comes to radio. You will gather, correctly, that I am an avid listener to a mix of BBC3, BBC4 and Classic FM but an intermittent television viewer with a preference for documentaries and drama.


I confess to a weakness for many of the old films that entertain rather than distress. Only the other day I watched, on TV, a black and white edition of St Trinian’s. I confess I enjoy watching repeats of : Rumpole, Morse, Lewis, Only When I Laugh, and of course all the productions of Agatha Christie’s sleuths, Poirot and Miss Marple, as well as the hilarious, Keeping Up Appearances…etc., ad infinitum… whenever I have time to sit and watch – which isn’t that often given my preference to curl up with a book.


I suppose the reason for radio, and all it offers at any time, is because I can do other things while listening, like indulging in two of my favourite hobbies; cooking and DIY. After all, it’s just an old-fashioned way of diversifying or multi-tasking. I tend to play music while I’m sitting at my computer too; it helps calm the bursts of anger I feel surging through me when yet another bit if roguery hits the headlines.      


Protesters starting to gather outside of BBC T...

Protesters starting to gather outside of BBC Television Centre; see Question Time BNP controversy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 comments on “Well, What Do You Know?

  1. I agree with you Maureen. I don’t have access to a TV in London and yet I am constantly bombarded with letters from the TV Licensing Office threatening visits, legal action and what ever. I don’t miss watching the ‘box’ especially now that the BBC has introduced their own adverts – previously we would just be told what was coming next, now we have to watch a small video clip of something to do with the BBC and then that is followed by clips of other programs. Not to mention what stupid salaries they pay out. I think its about time we had value for money. I shall stop as smoke is starting to appear!!


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