OK Defra: offset this!

Nature at its best and most beautiful. These are pictures to share, and to revel in being able to see.

Woodland Matters

What do you ‘value’ about your local environment?

It’s the final day of our latest campaign, so we are urging everyone who loves woods and trees to think about what it is that you value about the habitats near you, and make sure your views shape proposals for a ‘biodiversity offsetting’ scheme, while you can!


Offsetting purports to replace a habitat lost to development. These images represent just some of the things I value about the habitats near to me (scroll over the image for a caption) – what about you?

Even if you don’t think there should be an offsetting scheme (you can say this in our campaign as well) please tell the Government exactly what would need to be considered if a habitat in your local environment was ever to be ‘offset’. We all know value is not just about finance – make sure the Government understand this…

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