When Lips Speak But Minds Differ

Lord Patten of Barnes in ceremonial dress as t...

Lord Patten of Barnes in ceremonial dress as the Chancellor of the University of Oxford (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was reading through some choice tit-bits from the The Old Un‘s Diary in one of my favourite magazines, The Oldie and read that the BBC Trust‘s Chairman Lord Patten was heard to restate the Corporation’s plans to reduce management as it still makes up 2.5 per cent of the workforce. A few days later an advertisement for a ‘ Head of User Experience – News and Weather’ appeared. To befuddle the reader even more, the job description added to the confusion with, ‘You’ll lead inspiring user experience strategy and creative direction for BBC News Online products and services. You’ll lead a team of roughly 20 UX&D team members, both UX and Editorial Designers, in creating outstanding work form concept to completion.’  


BBC News HQ (Photo credit: Lee Jordan)

The writer of The Old Un’s Diary claimed to be as much in the dark about the meaning of the advertisement after reading it, as he was before. Can’t say I’m any the wiser either, but I suppose we must get used to looking at official lips delivering words conveying messages that might differ in content to the tongues articulating the words we hear. All very confusing, but that’s life in the twenty-first century. Communication has never been easier, yet never so tardy.

A Cisco 7960G IP telephone

A Cisco 7960G IP telephone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was speaking on the telephone about my car insurance, and querying a printed quotation I’d received in the post that was at variance with the quotation I’d been given on the phone a week earlier. I was told that the phoned quotation was correct, but the posted paper quotation was incorrect as it had been superseded by a second one posted after the original phone conversation. (I hope you are still with me?) but that posted quotations now take up to ten working days to be delivered because the post is so slow. Up to date, I am still waiting for the printed quotation two weeks after the original phone call, and one week since being promised the replacement. Perhaps we should return to the days of Wells-Fargo and the pony express, or even the weekly carrier with his horse and cart? At least we knew they’d get through if humanly possible.

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