#PoliceYourPolice or Same Circus, different Clowns: Judges, Court staff, Lawyers, IPCC, CPS, Police [Cleveland]

This is happening in Britain!

Victims Unite!

Neil Scottpublished on Facebook what sounds terribly familiar to ‘victims turned starfighters’: Police Your Police. This case alone should gain me a million.

The Detective wrote it,
The Witnesses covered it up,
The CPS gave it,
The Judges received it,
The Defence received it,
The Teeside Court staff falsified a Summary of it,
Teeside Court staff covered it up,
Judges didn’t receive it as Evidence at my appeal for burglary.

This was Falsified Evidence by the @ClevelandPolice detective.

It was told to Andrew McDonald MP,
To Barry Coppinger @Cleveland_PCC,
Judges at Trial,
Judges at appeal,
IPCC were told 43 times,
CPS knew at every point what was going on:

  • Forensics fraud is legal for Police officers said IPCC
  • Judges said there’s No Law Forbidding Forensics fraud by Officers of the Law
  • IPCC said Stop sending us Complaint EMAILS
  • Barry Coppinger PCC of Middlesbrough @Cleveland_PCC won’t answer me on twitter…

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