Caesarean Escalation, Judges on Human Rights and Happy Birthday – the Human Rights Roundup

A chance for Justice?

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Birthday HRRWelcome back to the UK Human Rights Roundup, your regular seasonal sack-load of human rights news and views.  The full list of links can be found here.  You can find previous roundups here.  Links compiled by Adam Wagner, post by Sarina Kidd. 

This week, bloggers tried to get to the bottom of the ‘forced caesarian’ case, a Supreme Court judge weighed in on the relationship between the UK and European law, and on Tuesday it’s the 65th birthday of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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3 comments on “Caesarean Escalation, Judges on Human Rights and Happy Birthday – the Human Rights Roundup

  1. I sometimes think the world has gone mad. Mental Health issues in this country have been badly managed. I did read about the forced caesarian in the newspapers and felt that it was wrong but I also feel not all the facts were reported. My main concern was the forced adoption. My view is that Mind don’t seem to speak up or is it I am not listening in the right places?? I think there needs to be same big changes in the Mental Health Act and with a large input from the families who are and have been effected. I also feel there needs to be a strong body that will stand up to those effected and do a little more than open charity shops across the country.


  2. You are right; there are always two sides to every coin, and both should be heard – in public. The best solution would be to open up the all too secretive family courts. They hold absolute power over the adults and children involved. They are also where most parents get treated like second-class citizens.

    I have never had to deal with them, D.G., but I have been contacted by those who have fallen foul of them and witnessed the trauma and stress of all involved. They are not democratic places, and the bureaucrats hold all the power.


  3. I too believe in your words maureen, we should listen to both the sides, let them both say what they have to say. that is how truth establishes itself.


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