Here’s the real reason the Tories are allowing the destruction of robin eggs and nests

I was shocked and disgusted at the news so followed it up by reading this blog; then I became really angry. This whole thing is obscene.

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

UPDATE: here’s my response to Natural England’s attempts to defend their plans: 
How Natural England are lying about their plans to allow destruction of robin nests

I must admit to having been more than a little puzzled at first as to why Natural England are proposing that nests and eggs of bird species such as robins and starlings will be allowed to be destroyed without the granting of special licences.

This would mean members of the public would be allowed to destroy any nests or eggs they came across – more or less at will.

Natural England’s consultation paper on the subject doesn’t shed much light on the reasons for these quite shocking proposals either – other than stating that these birds can present a “public health and safety” hazard.

There is no explanation of what exactly the public health and safety hazards of robins’…

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2 comments on “Here’s the real reason the Tories are allowing the destruction of robin eggs and nests

  1. have they lost their minds? are they totally insane?


    • Another case of bureaucrats caught in a mess of their own making. Our politicians are caught in their own web of money chasing money. Problem being, no one knows whose money is doing what, but they all want a slice of the pie and each is afraid of being caught with their nose in the trough.


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