2 comments on “CHANNEL IV: Thousands of children in care disappear each year

  1. its a horror story real in every country, in our orphanages i fear the same happens but they are hushed up and brushed under the carpet.

    if you think about these “nobody’s children” you will feel but one thing, they are no way safer than deserted baby animals. Only difference is for baby animals its a quick, mostly painless death.


    • It is all too easy to walk by on the other side and say, ‘It’s none of my business.’ But it is the business of everyone in every community to take responsibility for what is done in our name. We cannot claim immunity because we do not know. That is why I lay the blame at the feet of all those who have the power to do something – but do nothing. Politicians have much to answer for, as do civil servants who are anything but civil.


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