7 comments on “MOUNTING CONCERN as more Portuguese parents lose children to British social services

  1. eclectic X says:

    That’s bloody terrible and un~F***ing~believable that social services have such control and power that this is happening. The kids and parents suffering at the hands of those that are there in place to prevent suffering. Shameful!


    • This has been going on too long.


      • eclectic X says:

        but that official labelled people believe all their preconceived ideas and what it is to be a parent (when parenting is still very much a trial and error thing when it happens) and that there are those that are racist, sexist, ageist etc. within the power system of social services, all that and the world of humans hasn’t properly awoke to their humanity and potential of kindness.


      • Humanity is the one quality that is lacking in our twenty-first century lifestyles. There is too much ‘one size fits all’ being imposed upon us by our politicians and their handlers – the civil service bureaucrats.


  2. Imelda says:

    Oh my. This is so painful for everyone but the perpetrator.


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