Family comes first (even if they’re in Poland)

It’s necessary that justice is done and seen to be done each and every time..

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Adoption blueP (A Child) [2014] EWCA Civ 888 – read judgment here.

1 Crown Office Row’s Martin Downs represented the parents in this appeal (not at first instance), but is not the author of this blog post.

In this successful appeal against care and placement orders in respect of a young infant with Polish parents, the Court of Appeal were sharply critical of comments made by the first instance judge which made it clear he had closed his mind at an early stage to the possibility of the baby being looked after by her grandparents in Poland. The Court held that both the judge and the local authority had failed to give sufficient weight to their positive obligation under Article 8 to consider ways of retaining a child within the family.

The parents in this case were Polish nationals who moved to England in 2011. Their daughter was born in September 2012…

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2 comments on “Family comes first (even if they’re in Poland)

  1. family ties are family ties.


    • Indeed they are; but where paedophilia and child abuse is concerned, no one is above suspicion. But we must presume the family has first claim to guardianship until they are PROVEN unfit by a trial in open court, and NOT as is current, in secret family courts that exclude the press as well as those members of the public (e.g neighbours or extended family) who may be genuinely concerned about the welfare of the child in question.


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