Human Rights and Wrongdoings

Like so many people, I have been appalled at what is happening in Gaza. There can be no excuse for the mass slaughter of innocent civilians no matter how much blather is spouted by the Israeli publicity machine.

I am old enough to remember the terrorist tactics of the Stern Gang in what was Palestine. The blowing up of the King David hotel and the blood bath that ensued before the UK, to its everlasting shame, pulled out of the situation and left the Palestinians to their fate. The rest is history: the sponsorship of the Zionist ambitions by the USA, the UN, and all those who subscribed to the arms supremacy currently enjoyed by Israel.

I suppose Arthur Balfour, a British politician, must bear the brunt and blame for having, in 1917 allowed those Jews seeking asylum from persecution in Europe to find sanctuary in Palestine. By giving these refugees a place of safety, he also gave them an excuse to call it a homeland; but Palestine was never the property of the UK to give to anyone, commendable though this gesture was.

Since 1947, the Israelis, some descendants of those original refugees, have systematically stolen land and property from the Palestinians. They have reduced the host nation to becoming second-class subjects in their own land – without rights or hope of a future. Here we may be forgiven for drawing parallels with the Nazis, and what they did throughout Europe. Bit by bit Palestine has been reduced to the strip of land known as Gaza; another ghetto. Now, even that is being violated. True to tradition, according to the history of the Old Testament, the Israelites were ever the aggressors; driven to acquiring the land of their neighbours and arrogantly calling it their own. Some things never change.

Perhaps that was the reason the Romans expelled them from Jerusalem two thousand years ago – warning all Jews never to return on pain of death; a warning that was never revoked.

Meanwhile, the world’s politicians wring their hands and spout their rhetoric while Netanyahu puts up two fingers at the United Nations and tells all of them that Israel will stop only when it chooses.

All this we can ponder on while we remember how the might of America and UK marched and blasted its way into Iraq on the mere pretext of supposed weapons of mass destruction.

The catastrophic meddling of George Bush and Tony Blair has resulted in a maelstrom in the Middle East that will have repercussions for years to come, yet Israel has obtained, against all international agreements, atomic weapons. The disillusioned expert who disclosed this to the world in 1986, Mordechai Vanunu, has spent many years (eleven in solitary confinement), entombed as a political prisoner in Israel after being lured to Italy, and then kidnapped by Mossad. He is still not allowed to leave Israel even though he has served the heinous prison terms imposed upon him, despite pleas from his worldwide supporters that he be freed.

All this and the world looks on.

6 comments on “Human Rights and Wrongdoings

  1. yarnspinnerr says:


    Britain’s historical contribution to many of the world’s conflicts that do not seem to end.


    • While we commemorate the start of World War I; sing the praises of its heroes, and bemoan the useless slaughter, the same thing is continuing all over the world. It ha forced me to the conclusion, that the world would be a better place without human beings and their constant interference with nature and insatiable desire to meddle.


      • yarnspinnerr says:

        That is one thought that requires a lot of meditation.

        Truly speaking, there is no significant improvement if one takes into account the amount of human misery in the world.


  2. I agree with you. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment


  3. Thanks for the honesty Maureen, sharing the total truth and I totally agree with you, Isarel should humbly accept one thing that they have forced their entry in Palestine so they should act like that, and Palestine… as it is too late should forgive them. After all, where will these people go? But at the end Palestines have the first right on the land…

    Can I share this post on my blog and FB timeline? I will copy the entire content and at the end I will add your link/url.


    • Please do. It is important that those who may not have access to broadcasting their story, can have it told by those of us who do. Equally important, that people read and tell others the truth. Thank you for reading and commenting.


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