KELLIE COTTAM’s cry for help to stop the adoption of her two children

This is legalised kidnap but it is amoral and WRONG.

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

It is compelling reading, Kellie’s experience of what I’ve seen over and over again:

  • Social Workers targeting vulnerable parents rather than helping families stay together as Minister Ed Timpson wrote to us last year
  • Social Workers using Police to remove children – without court orders
  • Social Workers and ‘experts’ creating lies on paper to influence judges to justify their pre-conceived judgements
  • Legal procedures, already complex as they are, being abused for criminal purposes in secret family courts
  • Judges rubber stamping a process that Kellie rightly calls KIDNAPPING.

English: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome patient, 16 ye... English: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome patient, 16 year old Caucasian male (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forced Adoption Exposed

kellie AT

My name is Kellie Cottam, I am 36 and the Mother of four beautiful Children; Liam who is 18, Daniel 15, Aaron 5 and Faith 4. But two of my children have been unlawfully detained by Mold, Flintshire County Council and placed on Care Orders Awaiting…

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