4 comments on “OPEN LETTER re CSA Inquiry: survivor, whistleblower and victims of 5 Police Forces

  1. It is frustrating and infuriating when officials that are suppose to protect its citizens covers up wrong doings and evil acts due to corruption. Even worse, corrupt officials punish those that brings to light their corruption and somehow get away with it. I know the feeling. I grew up in a country where graft and corruption is so rampant that it drove so many of its citizens away from their homeland. A sad reality that I hope one day will change.


  2. great attempt maureen! conscientious people like you should be more vocal and abundant!


    • So much suffering caused by those who seek the gratification of their own, often carnal desires, without thought of the devastation it leaves in the hearts and minds of their victims, then compound the evil by trying to weave a web of deception that is meant to protect them from the consequences of their corrupting influence.

      Therapists working with these victims are themselves confounded by bureaucratic bungling and a singular lack of commitment and funding by successive governments, so we are left with human flotsam stranded in a world, that for these victims, is as alien as the desert would be for a fish.


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