CHILD SEX ABUSE – 02/09/14 – Glenda Jackson (Hampstead and Kilburn) (Lab) – Theresa May (Home Secretary)

Sad we are to lose a member of parliament who has experienced life; how to earn her own living, and all before she became one of the best and most honourable representatives at Westminster.

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

14 09 12 Glenda Jackson MPDear Ms Jackson MP

Once again, you were terrifically efficient and effective in your communications – both in the House and with the Minister.

However, I’m afraid I must enlighten the Minister for Crime Prevention a little, based on the many unfortunate stories I have heard personally and researched otherwise. I wonder whether he should familiarise himself with victims of crimes, if he is charged with preventing them?

14 09 10 Norman Baker p1Remember that I am a system analyst by training: a computer scientist who uses facts and logic rather than emotions and arguments to paint pictures of processes and structures.

Remember that I presented the Petition to Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent in six minutes of passion to the EU Committee in Brussels.

In that vein, I have also watched the evidence of the witnesses regarding the Rotherham abuse before the Home Affairs Committee. 

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