Tackling #Corruption: setting signs with individual cases & addressing the root of institutional abuse?

It is time for Prime Minister David Cameron to answer questions and respond to these issues.

Victims Unite!

Corruption (1968 film) Corruption (1968 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Minister

CONGRATULATIONS to your challenge of championing anti-corruption!

As a former system analyst of CERN I used to organise the Forum for Stable Currencies at Westminster and became an independent web publisher. Hence I am offering you my analysis based on many years of experience of dishonest money as the cause and victims of white collar crimes as the effect of institutionalised corruption among public authorities.

To discuss our recommendations, I am happy to come and meet you, together with my co-founder of the Association of McKenzie Friends, if need be in your surgery, since I used to live in Portsmouth:

On Setting Signs by addressing Individual Cases and their responsible Institutions:

  1. Release 69-year old Maurice J Kirk BVSc in a wheelchair from HMP Swansea who has been bullied, harassed and fraudulently imprisoned by South Wales Police with a colluding doctor…

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2 comments on “Tackling #Corruption: setting signs with individual cases & addressing the root of institutional abuse?

  1. keep it up Maureen! People need more people like you and your crusadors.


    • Sabine McKenzie is the heroine, as well as all those who refuse to give up although the odds are so unjustly stacked against them. The more we can expose corruption and injustice, the better the chances that justice will be delivered one day.


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