#CSAinquiry: #FionaWoolf under pressure to resign – briefing after #HAC meeting

Justice must be done – and be seen to be done.

National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse

14 10 22 The WeekThis is an excellent briefing in The Week for anybody unfamiliar with the various strands that led to yesterday’s meeting of the Home Affairs Committee: Fiona Woolf was questioned regarding her chairmanship of the National Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

And here’s the BBC reporting: Legal challenge launched over abuse inquiry chair

My perspective is:

1. the first chairperson Elizabeth Butler-Sloss had to resign because she had ‘conflicts of interest’;

2. this second choice Fiona Woolf is again perceived to have too many close links with the ‘establishment’ but claims to be an ‘ordinary citizen’:

  • she also kept mentioning ’10 years’ as being too long without wanting to commit herself to a time frame;
  • she was very non-credible as she is travelling the world in her role as Lord Mayor and therefore didn’t have time to meet the panel of experts that has been selected between her and the Home…

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2 comments on “#CSAinquiry: #FionaWoolf under pressure to resign – briefing after #HAC meeting

  1. Whistleblowers usually end up ruined or worse.


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