#BEINGASSERTIVE: as #LitigantInPerson, to avoid #prison for violating #GaggingOrder supposedly

A possible miscarriage of justice? Or is this another case of vindictive repression of the truth in what passes for democratic Britain of 2015.

Justice for Litigants in Person

Being Assertive is a 10-minute workbook that allows you to find your own ‘inner formula’ with which to be assertive in your own unique way.

It was created by Brad Meyer who set up Help4LiPs.

Brad sent me the link as I am preparing for a hearing next Monday, at 10.30 – with Justice Roderic Wood.

I’m supposed to have violated a Reporting Restriction Order that was made after I published a judgement. I overlooked deleting it when I deleted some 10 to 20 others.

A related judgement was, however, published on the Isle of Man here on 17 June 2011.

But, instead of emailing me about it, the applicant, the father of a boy whom he has been abusing, mounts this major action against the boy’s mother, myself, Vicky Haigh on whose site I made the publication and… GOOGLE INC.

So, if I go to prison, whom from…

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