WHAT do Courts 44 and 32 have in common? #Gagging #mothers of #AbusedKids and #McKenzieFriends!

This could only happen in the Britain of 2015. Seeing is believing – so read all about it.

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

It ain’t easy to make sense of non-sensical experiences. In fact, that’s why people become schizophrenic: when they are told one thing, but experience the opposite: e.g. “I love you” when you get hurt, or “in the children’s best interest” when it’s blatantly not true.

For me, this gap between what my senses heard and saw and what my mind was asked to process was very wide so far this week:

  • on Monday I was before Justice Roderic Wood in Court 44, because the father of this case published on the judgements of the Isle of Man wanted to get the mother, me and another mother behind bars, for I had used the other mother’s website to publish the story of the little boy who made it quite explicit:

“You got it wrong mummy, Daddy didn’t put his winky on my bum, it was in…

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