Bargue Drawing

Very impressive drawings. An interesting addition to my meagre knowledge of the visual arts.


The Charles Bargue Drawing Course was widely used in the mid 19th century for fine art training. It acts as an essential process to help understand the principles of shape, proportion, value and form. The course was devised by Charles Bargue (c. 1826/1827 – April 6, 1883) was a French painter and lithographer.

Front Cover

Charles Bargue: Drawing Course Book


Bargue Images found using Google

” Charles Bargue is mostly remembered for his Cours de dessin, one of the most influential classical drawing courses conceived in collaboration with Jean-Leon Gerome. The course, published between 1866 and 1871 by Goupil & Cie and composed of 197 lithographs printed as individual sheets, was to guide students from plaster casts to the study of great master drawings and finally to drawing from the living model.” –

On the Artist Residency here in Spain the Bargue drawing course is being used alongside the sight-size method…

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