INNOCENCE DESTROYED: #whistleblowerkids threatened to be killed – film maker killed

Bloggers! Please unite to send this message round the world. Such blatant injustice must be stopped.

Victims Unite!

15 02 12 1600 SupportersThe Local Borough of Barnet is part of everybody who wants to make you believe that ‘white’ is ‘black’ and ‘black’ is white. First they claimed that it is in the ‘best interest’ of a 4-year-old to be separated from his mum for ever, from one day to the next. Then they put him up for adoption but find he’s not adoptable, so he stays with his foster parents instead of finding a new set of adults to adjust to.

Meanwhile the US mother had spent some 18 months in prison and got deported so can’t enter the UK any more… That was Melissa Laird who experienced bullying, intimidation and harassment not only from Barnet’s Legal and Social Services but also HMP Holloway.

Now we have the drama of Russian mother Ella Draper who had two children with a UK man and suffered his domestic violence with 5 police call-outs and…

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