BATTLE for Britain’s Children: News 01 March 2015

Maybe this is why the bureaucrats want to snoop, pry and try to silence the internet and its network of worldwide contacts. Please read and reblog to as many as you can. Spread the word – justice will not be silenced.

A Battle for Britain's Children and Adults' Human Rights

15 03 01 YouTubeDear All

Long time no Battle News! which doesn’t mean that the ‘Battle for Britain’s Children’ is over, the opposite, in fact we’re right in the thick of it in 2015! Which means less words and more action, for the moment anyway. Besides, as some may be aware I’m involved in this horrible case eclipsing all attention right now, the ‘Hampstead SRA case’ which is partly the reason for my recent silence. The Association of McKenzie Friends has been assisting the mother, first in Barnet County Court in December, then in the family division of the High Court to which the case was transferred in January. A fact-finding hearing of the case opened on 17 February for 4 days and after a gap this past week it will resume on Tuesday 3 March for 4 days this week, then 3 days next week, 10, 11 & 12 when the judge…

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2 comments on “BATTLE for Britain’s Children: News 01 March 2015

  1. the dictators all over the world are scared of internet.


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