NEW VIDEO about online presence of #CSA #abusers #HampsteadScandal #WhistleblowerKids

Shout it from the roof tops – JUSTICE WILL NOT BE SILENCED.

In the Best Interest of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

Here’s an excellent GENERAL video:

Furthermore, one of my two Facebook pages has been taken down, but the producers of the first video about Christ Church Primary School created a second video of 10 minutes covering

  • Christ Church School staff do sex to them, especially on Wednesdays
  • staff meet up on Saturdays
  • strong links between parents of children, school staff and alleged abusers
  • the substantiation of the children’s claims – in the absence of an investigation by UK Police
  • asking Christ Church teacher to step forward with their distinguishing marks
  • Cafcass has a complaints wall on their website.

Anybody who still requires evidence for the veracity of the children’s allegations, is invited to listen to this remarkable analysis of the Facebook presence of the alleged abusers.

As I said in one of my updates to the Petition: where danger grows, rescue is growing, too.

Here’s a fabulous ‘big…

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