WHY IAN JOSEPHS advises mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers: you lose your children!

A venerable voice speaks with the wisdom of fifty years of experience. The truth he speaks is not for the squeamish, but it offers a beacon of hope for those seeking justice.

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

Ian Josephs is the veteran of all McKenzie Friends, as he has observed an estimated 50,000 cases in over 50 years.

From another one of our super-committed McKenzie Friends:

Hampstead & Highgate Child Abuse Happening Now

The most harrowing case I have been made aware of recently is now heading to the Royal Courts of Justice. It involves a girl 9 and a boy 8, who, while in the care of their mother, (the father having contact every 2 weeks), told their mother that they (and other children) were being sexually abused in their school by their father and many other members of both the school and people in the vicinity, daily. Children who found the abuse painful were injected with drugs by a member of the school staff. Both stories taken by the children separately had the same facts and they came across as very credible witnesses. Video evidence…

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2 comments on “WHY IAN JOSEPHS advises mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers: you lose your children!

  1. I fear he is right.


    • We need a complete overhaul of our legal and judicial system. The rottenness within must be cut out. For too long wrongdoers have also held the reins of power and believed themselves inviolable. That must stop – but when?

      We are now discovering that the seat of government – Westminster itself, is suspected of covering up vast tracts of corruption. This is not a new development, nor is it confined to Britain, but it does raise issues about people in all countries allowing politicians to remain in office for years.

      I am coming to the opinion, that all politicians should be allowed to serve a maximum of maybe two terms in office and then be returned to their roots to make an ‘honest’ living again. They get so used to being cushioned from the hard facts of life, they forget about the basic problems of day-to-day life in the real world.


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