Speak Up or Stay Quiet?

After one of my vocal outbursts, my father gave me a real dressing down; ending up by saying , ‘One day you’ll learn that a still tongue makes a wise head.’

‘But the man shouldn’t beat his dog like that.’

‘It’s his dog; he can do what he likes.’

‘Well that’s wrong for a start.’

‘We’ve got to get home. Lunch will be ready. If we’re late we’ll both be in trouble.’ Taking my hand, my father hurried me along. It was only one of the many verbal tussles we had had, and would have in the future, but I was never discouraged from speaking my mind. Indeed, my father was known to speak his mind, and without equivocation. He believed that if you were right, you had a moral duty to speak out.

Recently I had a letter from Calor Gas; they supply liquid propane gas to my bulk tank as we live way off the main piped system. At the end of January they delivered almost one thousand five hundred litres; enough to last until well into next winter. A few weeks after the delivery, I received a letter giving me the glad news that there was to be a 13% reduction in the price of their LPG in response to the lowering of fuel prices. The new reduced price would be held until October 2015. I responded by emailing Calor and pointing out that thought the reduction was welcome, and might help many, it wouldn’t help me as by the time my tank needed refilling, the price would most likely have escalated again. I did tell them that I had no complaints about their very good service, but did imply that I wished the price drop had come sooner.

I thought no more about the matter until I got an email from them a couple of days ago, informing me that they were applying the 13% discount to my recent delivery and that I was having £113.44 knocked off my bill. Now I call that a very generous and worthwhile gesture; one that was well worth speaking up for and not staying quiet about.

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