4 comments on “For the EU Fact Finding Mission into UK #ChildAbuse visiting the UK

  1. It is a healthy sign that citizens are directly asking these questions, they should extract the answers too!


    • I’m afraid that getting answers from bureaucrats in high placed is even more difficult than finding and removing a hen’s teeth. But it does no harm to ask questions. By doing so, we let them know their actions have been observed and their motives are being questioned. After all, only those with secrets have any need to fear the truth.


  2. it is sad that we have created these monsters and now they have globally united to screw us up, have been doing it for ages, and will do it for ages unless we change it!


    • Not so much creatures of our creation , rather creatures we have been duped into accepting as candidates for election and once elected, have allowed to assume power because they belong to the governing clique who happened to get the most votes at a general election. Sadly, no one has come up with a better idea.


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