GUILTY by COVER-UP? #BarnetCouncil? #BarnetPolice? #SatanicJudicialAbuse?

I am horrified to learn that the all-powerful bureaucrats have moved in on this contributor seeking justice for the innocent. Whatever happened to the concept of free-speech? Is it yet another casualty of progress and life in Britain in the twenty-first century? In the words of Maurice Chevalier’s song, “I’m glad I’m not young anymore.”

In the Best Interest of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

Dear Supporters,

I’m trying to recover from the shock of seeing both petitions removed…. In the process I checked my outstanding requests for help. For I had wondered how and why links had been removed before.

Now I notice this email:

Hi there,

We’re writing to follow up our previous email sent on March 4, 2015. In that email, we informed you that we had received several complaints notifying us that your petition, and the associated sites linked to therein, were in violation of a court order. Following that email, we removed all links associated with your petition.

We also informed you that if you added or re-inserted links in the petition that violate the privacy of those involved in this court case, we might be forced to remove the entire petition.

It has come to our attention that you have continued to add links to your original petition…

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6 comments on “GUILTY by COVER-UP? #BarnetCouncil? #BarnetPolice? #SatanicJudicialAbuse?

  1. So finally bullying in internet has begun in full scale.


  2. it is sad that it is happening in your country, we sort of think Britain as the torchbearer of public ruling the nation countries.


    • You know, I grew up in that same belief, but since returning to this country in 1997, I have been forced to see, and reluctantly acknowledge, that things have changed. I no longer recognise what was my country, and I doubt my father, or my late husband, would recognise it either. Of course times change, and we must adapt, but I can’t help thinking; it would have been better had some things never happened – or been invented. However, they did, and were, so like Pandora’s box, we can never put them back, but being stuck with some of them can have advantages – like the internet.


  3. you know, it is sort of big disappoint for people like us, who look up at British public as synonym of conscious public!

    true tragedy!


    • Dear Sharmishtha, it is the biggest disappointment of my old age to realise that I have been duped for most of my life. It is only since my return to UK in 1997 that I have seen the truth – and it has been painful.

      All my life I believed in British honour, justice, law and order. Recent disclosures in the media have at last forced the authorities to accept there is a need to expose the deeply disturbing circumstances surrounding the claims of the many people who have suffered much injustice in the intervening years. Some have died without obtaining justice, some are still hanging on to the hope that one day their case will be believed and justice will be theirs.

      Some of those with the power to further those claims are trying very hard, but all too often their efforts are thwarted by the more powerful lobby protecting those who would pervert the course of justice.


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