#SatanicJudicialAbuse #SJA #Pauffley Judgement in the #WhistleblowerKids’ Interest?

How long must Britain lie sleeping while these nightmares continue – with the blessing of the judiciary?

In the Best Interest of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

Cult and Ritual Abuse Cult and Ritual Abuse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Mr Clark

Her Ladyship’s judgement is one of a political nature to sway public opinion such that she will get away with handing custody to the father with a criminal past and two non-molestation orders, while the mother had a residence order in place, when Barnet Police took her children.

If Mr Christie was the guilty abuser, why did he take the children to the Police?

Aangirfan publish Hampstead Biased Judge? with lots of significant comments.

Similarly, here is a collation from my inbox:

  • The Judge has, in a civil court, undermined the Met Police investigations into harassment and child rapes by stating her findings in these criminal matters.  Moreover by the naming of the parents the children’s identity will also be known where they now live/go to school and no doubt the children will now get bullied because of what is in…

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11 comments on “#SatanicJudicialAbuse #SJA #Pauffley Judgement in the #WhistleblowerKids’ Interest?

  1. there should be someone watching over these “child welfare” authorities to see if they are worthless or worse.


    • Ostensibly there are, but who is watching the watchers? Therein lies the problem I’m afraid.

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      • this is the tragedy of human nature, power almost always corrupts. but there is one thing we should start believing- no one can play with a child/child’s life, whoever s/he is!


      • It is a sad fact that power corrupts. It corrupts the mind, so it no longer abides by those often stated principles of honour and integrity that are the supposed reasons inspiring candidates to seek nomination to office, and voters to believe them when they claim they wish to serve their communities. The electorate votes for the shade behind the mask – but power reveals the reality; a bit like Oscar Wilde’s ‘Portrait of Dorian Grey’. Too often, it applies to politicians, lawyers, the judiciary, the police, and those who seek office, but end up abusing the power invested in them.

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  2. You are right, you truly are, we vote for the face in public, whereas if we take a look inside the same face might be rotting!

    who can we trust? media? police? other politicians? it seems they are different faces of same beast!

    the only solution is people start to unite with their neighbours, and slowly spread that unity. that is the only solution in my eyes. Be there for your neighbor, he may fail you but sooner or later you will find one neighbor who wont, then make that two three four…


    • We have been deceived for so long by so many whom we believed we could trust. When the scales fall from our eyes, too often the truth is revealed in all its ugliness. This has been the case with the internet. It has opened pathways to the truth. Of course, the reverse is also true and we must be aware of the possibilities that falsehoods may again be used to play tricks upon the unsuspecting.


      • exactly, that is why internet is creating so much fear! the politicians can buy/intimidate the local press/people but they cant intimidate a global power, you know it will be the darkest day for humanity if we allow politicians to ruin this platform too, which they are trying really hard, at-least here in India.


      • The internet has been a great tool for all who value free speech.

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  3. exactly, when I was growing up I was more vocal about injustices which in India are aplenty, I tried to write to different newspapers (under reader’s grievance), they were never published. In internet we can share truth, no matter how blunt it is. Internet teaches us another thing too, to not trust blindly. Because too many people lie utilizing the anonymity internet gives.


    • Constant vigilance is the price we must pay for democracy. That too appears more ephemeral when viewed by those who enjoyed life before people felt forced to join the race into galloping materialism. Now, power-hungry politicians, backed by their attendant hordes of civil-servants, seek to treat ordinary people as dispensable pawns on the chessboard of life.

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      • and they have too many powerful people to help them, in india industrialists are well known to make and break the parliaments, our present government is an ugly proof of their cahoots!


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