COLLUSION with #BarnetCouncil and FAVOURITISM of Accused Father where Impartiality, Integrity and Propriety should reign?

An important read for all who seek justice and want to see at least some form of it restored to UK.

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

Mrs Belinda McKenzie
McKenzie Friend, ‘Public Interest Advocate’ (voluntary)


via her Clerk, Barry Clark, 16 February 2015

Your Ladyship

LB Barnet v. Draper and Dearman and Child A & Child G
Case No. ZC14c00315

Following the hearing of 26 January at which I acted as McKenzie Friend to the 1st Respondent, the mother in this case, I informed her that my initial trust that she would get a fair hearing of her issues before your Ladyship had evaporated and that, being unable to redress the situation as a McKenzie Friend, I was standing down from this role.

My reasons for withdrawing were

a) what we in the Association had perceived as collusion between the Local Authority and you, the judge

b) your endorsement of the Local Authority’s favouritism towards the father over the mother regarding frequency of contact.

In view of the fact…

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