How do we overcome White Collar Criminals? Waking up to Terrible Realities and learning about Exposure, Exposure, Exposure…

This does nothing to ease the pain of knowing that great injustices are being perpetrated in the name of Britain by those who have pledged to uphold democracy.

Victims Unite!

As an honest and decent human being, we think that we can believe the ethics, morals and values of ‘authorities’ and people in ‘institutions’ who are paid for performing a ‘public service’ – with taxpayers’ money.

Then things happen: we are being bankrupted, our house gets repossessed and our children get taken for ‘risk future emotional harm’…

That’s how we either learn to fight or give in and give up.

When we become fighters and starfighters, we tend to meet other victims who help each other as McKenzie Friends: lay legal advisors – often in the public interest.

And the more we learn about victimisation, the more we learn about power structures that operate within institutions: everybody is paid to ‘just do their job’. No ethics. No morals. No spiritual values. No compliance with rules, guidance or practice notes. No respect for international treaties. No Rule of Law. It’s…

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