MIND THE GAP between Politicians, Academics and Real Life Victims: #ForcedAdoption before #EP_Petitions Committee of EU Parliament

All is not well in this sceptered orb called Britain.

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

15 07 08 AdoptionsHow predictable: after my six minutes of passion on 19 March 2014 when 30 parents had accompanied me to Brussels and put their hopes on getting their children back, there is now this academic report by Dr Claire Fenton-Glynn of King’s College confirming what Ministers have written to us:

  • the Law is clear – no violation of Article 8 – the right to family life
  • everything is hunky dory – never mind inequality of contact and ignoring judgements of other countries as well as international treaties
  • it’s all in the children’s best interest…

Never mind the realities that we have observed:

  • Forced Adoptions cover only 4% of the 1,000 children taken every month;
  • children taken without paper work and ‘evidence’ made up as they go along the secret family court route;
  • children given to their abusive fathers;
  • mothers fleeing the country to give birth abroad;
  • over-representation by the UK in…

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