2 comments on “#WHISTLEBLOWER PETER HOFSCHROER in York Crown Court: July 27 – Aug 1. BE THERE IF YOU CAN!

  1. butlincat says:

    Letter from Grandma B – why isn’t Grandma B being taken to visit Peter in HMP Hull? – the background to Peter’s case:


    Theyre allegedly selling Peter’s house, and he cant do anything about it whilst in prison, and Grandma B’s house also, according to the 1 July update in the post,


    • This puts me in mind of what’s been happening in Jerusalem for many years. Friends were telling me as long ago as 1990, that the Israelis were forcibly acquiring property, by fair means or foul, from all non Israelis whether Christian, (e.g Maronite, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant) or Muslim. They saw – they wanted – so they took.

      It’s so easy to close one’s eyes and hope (pretend?) it cannot happen in Britain – but it does – and is happening. I know at least two such cases that involve friends, both females and both now in their eighties. They have been battling the Establishment for more than twenty years. They can’t/won’t give up. It has become a battle to the death. They know they cannot win – even with their MPs on board. So it has become a way of life.

      I’m sure there are so many more who are battling on alone – all encouraged to think they are misfits and that the rest of society is in accord with the Establishment – i.e. the law. police, media, politicians, etc.. Quite clearly the ‘rest of society’ is anything but sanguine about the status quo. I just wonder how long the lid can be kept on a pot already shuddering with the pressure?


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