Dear Clerk of the Judge, Watch out for the Debate in EU Parliament and EU Council: Protect Best Interest of Children (across borders)

Time for justice. Time for the truth.

Voluntary Public Interest Advocacy

The development of Petitioning EU Parliament since 2013 made me write this email to the clerk of Mrs Justice Pauffley, the High Court judge who had ordered me to appear before her after a private meeting with Barnet Council – behind the back of the mother of the two whistleblower kids. Please sign the Petition! It’s THE chance – not only for children in the UK!

Dear Mr Clark

Mrs Justice Pauffley had asked me not to write to her. This therefore comes to you to illustrate the level of debate that has emerged from submissions to the Petitions Committee of the EU Parliament. Ours is only one of 21 from the UK and covers:

Due to the list of potential CRIMINAL charges emanating from the Gareev-Dearman children’s allegations we added:

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