To Weep or Rant? That is the Question

I listened to the YouTube interview of Margaret Gomm by Patrick Cullinane and then decided to write some of my views before venturing into the garden to do some much needed pruning as we are having a second day without torrential rain.

I met this lady and heard about her case more than ten years ago at a protest meeting in Carmarthen attended by some two hundred people who had gathered to express their anger and frustration at the stream of injustices perpetrated against them by the British legal system. There were mothers who had had their children forcibly adopted and others who had lost their homes through the dishonest practices of various officials in our broken legal system.

Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price, representing Carmarthen East & Dinefwr was the only member of any political party who accepted an invitation to attend.  As Margaret Gomm lived in another constituency represented by Roger Williams MP, Adam Price could not help her. Her case was never brought to any debate at Westminster, though she attended several meetings held there by Victims of the State bringing their grievances before different representatives. Some of those authorities were sympathetic, or pretended to be sympathetic, but in fact proved totally impotent.

Listening to, and reading about many of these cases has led me to believe that government in UK is no longer about the people, and is certainly not by the people, for the people. Under the current incumbent of 10 Downing Street, the welfare of the ordinary people in the street, particularly those suffering at the lower end of the employment ladder are of little consequence to the fellow millionaires in David Cameron’s cabinet, while the unemployed, and those suffering some disability that renders them as requiring special needs, are considered fair game for the moral scimitar of Ian Duncan Smith. All those in the Establishment have strayed far from the Welfare State envisaged at the end of the Second World War and a Britain fit for heroes.

It seems that we, ordinary Mr & Mrs Everyman, have allowed ourselves to be lulled, like sleepwalkers, into an induced state of soporific euphoria encouraged by those who have a vested interest in keeping the masses docile. From time to time we are handed sops to keep us sweet if our anger with the Establishment looks as though it might become dangerously heated; so we don’t actually boil over.

It may be the reason why so much political vitriol is currently being directed at Jeremy Corbyn, the front-runner for the position of leader of the Labour Party. When these are added to the bleatings of Tony Blair, (the former New labour prime minister of Britain who has become a millionaire many times over since) whose machinations with the then president of America George Bush precipitated the world into the present conflagration that is threatening to engulf the Middle East, I am forced to conclude that for the first time in decades, the British public may have a chance to see what a genuine socialist might do, given the chance.

I am not, nor have I ever been a member of any political party; tending always to vote for the person who seems to tick the boxes and answer questions I have at the time; but I do believe in justice and a fair crack of the whip for all. Maybe I won’t agree with all Jeremy Corbyn’s points of view, but so far the man has impressed me with his dignity and ability to field and answer questions put to him without resorting to amorphous jargon. Who knows, we might even see justice done and be seen to be done – one day.

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