What I Saw From the Top of Sacré Coeur

Had to reblog this so my granddaughter and her partner could share your love with their love of this beautiful city. Florence is, always has been, number one for me but Paris comes a close second. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and breathtaking experiences.

Here I am more than five years into Paris as a permanent resident, working day after day as a tour guide, and still there are certain obvious activities I’ve never managed to check off the list. I guess we all have that list no matter where we live, no?

One regret that I’d harbored for a while was never climbing to the top of the Sacré Coeur Basilica in Montmartre. I had so many times, from down below, viewed the ant farm of visitors up inside the dome and always felt a pang of envy imagining the fantastic views to be had.

Well life’s too short for pangs, so I finally made it up the church’s 300 stone stairs and this is what I saw.











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6 comments on “What I Saw From the Top of Sacré Coeur

  1. thanks for sharing these priceless shots Maureen!


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