City Unseen: The Hidden Courtyards of Paris

These pictures are too beautiful to keep hidden.

Of all the flavors to savor in Paris there may be none more sweeter than the thrill of discovering a hidden courtyard. Maybe it’s because no matter how intimate you may believe your relationship with her to be, Paris has a gaggle of frenzied lovers aggressively vying for her heart which makes it rarer than ever to find a moment alone just the two of you.

IMG_1521 Rue Debelleyme

IMG_1522 Rue Montorgueil

IMG_2768 Rue Ballu

IMG_1407 Rue Ballu

Or maybe it’s because you sense a closeness to the locals and true residential life, which is a secret of the city that no foreigner ever really decodes.

Perhaps it’s because touristy Paris is the feature film and the courtyards are the behind-the-scenes clips, reserved only for the initiated and extra-curious. Sometimes it’s as if you’ve caught Paris unawares in her boudoir, after the evening gown and jewelry have come off, and somehow she looks just as good–or even better–behind closed doors.

IMG_2769 Passage Saint-Paul

IMG_2154 Crédit Municipal, Le Marais

IMG_1294 Rue de…

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One comment on “City Unseen: The Hidden Courtyards of Paris

  1. fabulous shots! they certainly should not be kept hidden.


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