The City of Light, Dimmed

The heartbreak that is part of the widespread tragedy affecting so many victims in so many countries torn apart by needless bloodshed and violence.

Atypical Monday for me includesrounding up my prettiest photos and postingthemonsocial media. I’m one of those folks who bought into the dreamy romanticism ofParis longago,and it’s been a thrill to share thatsense of wonder and discovery with like-minded people.

Obviously thatdream has been moved far beyond our grasp atthe moment. The city’scolors may still bethere, but they’re muted. On this Monday, the City of Lighthas dimmed toa city of reality.

However I dohave a couple of photos to share today, not despite the tragedy but because of it. Two photosI recently took, which were destined for no more than a quick Instagram post, have taken on amore profoundmeaning.

I took this onelast weeknearthe Canal Saint-Martin. It’s aneighborhood I frequent often:I give tours here, I sit incafés with friends and family,and I’m currently researching addressesfor a travel article. Thisantique hotel signand cute little lamp seemed worth capturing:


If you look closely…

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2 comments on “The City of Light, Dimmed

  1. these mindless violence all over the world… when will human beings grow up?


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