#Children Screaming to be Heard

Why is David Cameron ignoring Maggie Tuttle’s questions while breaking the promises he made before his election?

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

16 03 03 Children ScreamingWith a view to two current court cases being joined rather than one being dismissed, the first event in London is currently being postponed until April:

  1. March: Theatro Technis, London NW1
  2. Saturday 23 April:Children Screaming to be Heard – Resource Centre, London N7 – organised by Maggie Tuttle who wrote this:

Below is the letter sent to Mr Cameron on the 2/3/16. The conference has gained much interest even to the fact of an international award winning documentary company will be filming on the day with International guest speakers to include police officers whistle blowers Doctors lawyers evidence of the corruption of the social workers with the evidence of the book given to grandparents also an international speaker on the sectioning of children under the mental health act Sue Reid journalist from the Daily Mail as a guest speaker, this along with many journalist from the media, this conference just may open…

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