@MoJGovUK #Victims #McKenzieFriends and #LitigantsInPerson Unite! Consultation re Courts’ Approach to Lay Legal Help and Advocacy

Too many growing old while waiting for justice – and the lawyers purporting to represent them grow fat on the procrastination and prevarication endemic in our legal system.

Victims Unite!

15 09 10 Belinda HeaderSince I met victims of white collar crimes who came to meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies in Westminster, I’ve learned that we have three battle fronts:

  1. the victims of white collar crimes and criminals;
  2. their hope to get justice as Litigants in Person (LiPs) who ‘do it alone’, because they had terrible experiences with lawyers and / or courts or other ‘professionals’;
  3. as McKenzie Friends who are also referred to as ‘Friend of the Court’ or ‘amicus curiae’ in the US or ‘Litigant Friend’:
    • due to being threatened with an unspecified prosecution in a secret family court, I had to flee UK jurisdiction after I had helped the mother of the two whistleblower kids which has caused tremendous financial distress and personal injury, resulting in the current threat of imprisonment after an arrest without Search or Arrest warrant – by forcing entry into my flat after midnight; next…

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