Social Worker Speaks Out About Local Authority Cover Ups in Child Protection Cases

The painful truth is emerging, and proving more traumatic than a visit to the dentist.

Researching Reform

In a video posted by the UK Column, Carol Woods, a social worker talks about her experiences working at Lancashire County Council on child protection cases, and how the council altered files and removed evidence which showed families had suffered directly because of the council.

Carol talks about serious breaches relating to a high profile child protection case and other serious child cases, including the alteration of children’s files, unchecked details of lawyers in the case who may not have been qualified at the time, and in-house pressure to provide ‘ordered babies’ by removing babies from vulnerable parents for adoption, rather than providing these families with support.

A significant concern appears to be the practice of encouraging social workers to alter children’s files and remove evidence in highly contentious cases with a view to creating persuasive documentation that would lend itself to removing children from parents and placing them with adoptive families.

Another very worrying…

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2 comments on “Social Worker Speaks Out About Local Authority Cover Ups in Child Protection Cases

  1. In my experience, children and their families are more at risk from social services.


    • Regrettably, this has proved true for many people, but there are some dedicated social workers trying to make a difference.

      Cuts in so many services have been the result of broken promises that can be traced back to 10 and 11 Downing Street, and the false promises made by politicians seeking election being forgotten once in office.


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