MP Calls For Special Guardianship Orders To Be Stopped

This needs to be read by all who care about children.

Researching Reform

Welcome to another week.

After the very sad news that toddler Keegan Downer had been murdered by her carer, an MP from Birmingham has asked the commissioner of Birmingham City Council’s children’s services, Andrew Christie, to suspend the use of SGOs until a serious case review has been carried out.

Keegan was taken out of a foster placement and given to a family member under a Special Guardianship Order (SGO), despite concerns that there may have been financial motivation behind the desire to care for Keegan.

A special guardianship order is an order which appoints  one or more individuals to be a child’s special guardian. Applications can be made by an individual or jointly by two or more people to become special guardians, and must be 18 or over. The parents of a child cannot become that child’s special guardian.

A court can make a special guardianship order in favour of:

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