The Changing Nature of Family – Excellent Research

Room for thought.

Researching Reform

One of our favourite online publications, The Conversation, has started a ten part series looking at Family and the ever evolving nature of the family unit.

“Changing Families”  already has four articles on the subject, ranging from parenting styles to diversity within the family itself. We recommend the piece looking at women who choose not to have children and the stigma attached to this choice which still negatively affects women today. We are huge champions of women who make that brave choice in a world where too many children enter it for all the wrong reasons, whether through social pressure, crime or personal gain.

The series seems to focus on family life in just one country (Australia), which is a shame, as a global series comparing cultures and countries would have been extraordinarily powerful, however we hope this series will look at other aspects of family life too, like marriage, divorce…

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One comment on “The Changing Nature of Family – Excellent Research

  1. “family” truly has changed quite quickly in past three or so centuries


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