EXCLUSIVE: BT.com BREXIT poll shows 80% for Leave….then abruptly disappears

As always, the unvarnished truth is never acceptable to the bureaucrats, but vigilance and the internet may yet prove their undoing. The Slog’s blog is a must for lovers of democracy.

The Slog.



Brexit’s secret weapon revealed: David Cameron

mesnipYesterday – roughly 24 hours ago now – BT.com published research conducted among over 20,000 of its site users during May and June to date. It showed a whopping 80% of BT.com users (probably biased young and techie) definitely proposing to vote Leave in the 23rd June UK Referendum on EU membership. At some point earlier today, the internet removed all evidence of the research study: it is now an Unevent. The Slog investigates.

Google ‘BT.com new Brexit poll shows 80% Leave lead’ now and – depending on where you’re based around the world – it will show either nothing (UK servers) or this link (Eurozone):


If you can still see this link, follow it and this will appear if you’re in an EU State beyond the UK:


This is State censorship in obvious collusion with ISPs –…

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